About Us



Welcome to the online reception of BHIIMTEK ENVIIRO Pvt Ltd.
BHIIMTEK ENVIIRO is a young company promoted by experts and stalwarts in the diversified fields of manufacturing industries , technology and having passion for Green Technology with over 3-daceds of expertise. .

'BHIIMTEK’ is derived from a combination of Bhim, Innovation & Technology. BHIIM represents a strong persona in Indian Mythology. ‘ENVIIRO’ is the amalgamation of Environment & Innovation .

BHIIMTEK ENVIIRO Team is a combination of experts in the various fields of industries, project execution, plant operation & maintenance and green technology, who work with industries to translate their visions to reality.

Our Values define our actions and our behavior towards everything around us. It’s essentially who we are. We engage with our clients as business partners and not just as advisors. We share their passion, vision, aspirations and problems and align our goals with their objectives.

For us, Customer is a business partner We follow ethical and environmental compliant industrial model
We are available at all times
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