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Bhiimtek Enviiro is a young company promoted by experts & stalwarts in diversified fields and having a passion for green technology.

‘Bhiimtek’ is derived from a combination of Bhim, innovation & technology. ‘Bhim’ represents a strong persona in the legendary Indian Epic Mahabharat. ‘Enviiro’ is the amalgamation of environment & innovation.

“Bhiimtek team’ is a combination of experts in the various fields of industries, project execution, plant operation & maintenance, and green technology, who work with industries to translate their green vision into reality.

Our values define our actions and our behaviour towards everything around us. It’s essentially who we are. We engage with our clients as business partners and not just as advisors. We share their passion, vision, aspirations, and problems and align our goals with their objectives.

For us, the customer is a business partner. We follow the ethical and environmental-compliant industrial model. We are available at all times.
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Industrial Water Conservation

Large Manufacturing Industries require a huge quantity of water for their operations. Water requirement in industries is increasing at the rate of 42% per annum. For sustainable developmental growth, rationalized use of water is the need of the hour. Bhiimtek Enviiro provides an innovative solution to water-intensive industries for the conservation of water in their operations.
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Oxygen Generation Plant

Covid-19 has made us all aware of the importance of Oxygen in our life. Oxygen is not only used for Industrial applications, but also in Medical industries. It is categorized as a ‘Life-Saving Drug’. Bhiimtek Enviiro provides an economical & feasible solution for Medical as well as industrial applications.

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Bio-Mass to Energy Conversion

“Waste to Wealth Mission” was launched in August 2020 by PMO, Govt. of India, under the banner “Swachh Bharat Unnat Bharat”. With expertise in the Bio-Gas industry, Bhiimtek Enviiro is proud to contribute to this mission. Bhiimtek Enviiro provides technical consultancy service in conversion of Bio-degradable waste into energy.

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Power Plant Efficiency

Power production is considered to be directly related to the development of the country. One of the major sources of power production is Thermal Power Plant. But it adds to the environmental pollution. With our expertise, we provide technical consultancy services for enhanced plant performance & coal efficiency in Thermal Power Plants & Boilers
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Training & Implementation

Focus of Green Technology always remains on the effective utilization of resources to get the best result. TPM is a tool, which helps us in achieving effective utilization of our resources. We firmly believe in Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) & we have expertise in training & implementation of TPM in industries
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Monitoring & Diagnostics

Sound equipment health is the foundation for Safety, Productivity, Quality, and Cost. These are the basic ingredients for “Predictable and Reliable” business performance. Remote monitoring & Predictive Diagnostics helps in it

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Value multiplication, the extra mile beyond value addition is the basis of our existence. We work towards converting our passion for results into our client’s success. Numbers do excite us, but what excites us further is faith & loyalty among our business partners. Our mission is to be the most respected and trustworthy Green Technology Services Company.

Business Partner Approach

Bhiimtek Enviiro’s approach is modern and unique while serving the clients. We work with our client through our “Business Partner Approach”. Under this unique approach, our team gets into shoes of our client and understand their business needs through their eyes, so as to ensure personalized and effective solution

Dedicated Team Approach

We provide a dedicated service team member for each of our clients. This ensures personalized, innovative, result-oriented, time-bound and resource optimized pursuit to deliver the optimum ROI for the clients

Scientifically Styled Execution Approach

Our technical expertise & a scientifically styled execution approach culminates into a feasible solution that produces measurable results. We also offer onsite support to closely work with existing teams of the client and provide the perfect solution in the minimum possible timeframe. We firmly believe that the economics of project lies in timely execution & we value customer’s money

Customized Solution Approach

Our team believes in customized the solutions. We do not limit ourselves to just solution provider’s role. If needed, we do not shy away from rolling up their sleeves and helping their clients implement their plans in a timely and effective manner.

Our Collaborative Approach

Bhiimtek Enviiro has mission is to bring Green Technology to all the manufacturing industries for sustainable development. A collaborative approach is required to take Green Technology to various industries. We are joining hands with companies having a similar mission to generate collaborative effort for optimum results.

Our Slogan “Working Together on Tandem for Greener World

Why Bhiimtek Enviiro?

Since its inception, Bhiimtek Enviiro has been focussing on creating a brand image as a most trusted and ethical green technology service provider. Towards this direction, Bhiimtek Enviiro has moved very carefully to implement all operational guidelines and systems, which meet international standards and which can build trust in the long run. Bhiimtek Enviiro has been able to achieve certain very important milestones in its journey so far. A few of them are listed below….


Bhiimtek Enviiro provides multifaceted technical solutions mainly to cover the growing demands of the industry to compete globally and also to pace with fast changing industrial scenarios. Our  aim is to provide industrial services under one roof such as water conservation, energy conservation, Oxygen Plant, Bio-Gas Plant, Power Plant, Boiler, TPM , Remote Monitoring & Predictive Diagnostics for Green restructuring,.

Bhiimtek Enviiro’s cross-functional teams handle all the green technological needs of our clients. We are centrally located in Ahmadabad, the industrial hub of Gujarat. We have made our presence with an office in the USA to serve global climatic issues

Bhiimtek Enviiro believes in upholding the highest standards of integrity, good governance and ethical practice. We assist our clients in adopting  environmental policy practices while conducting our activities in dealing with clients and associates

Our Milestones

Since its inception, Biimtek Enviiro has been focussing on creating a brand image as a most trusted and ethical green technology service provider. Towards this direction, Bhiimtek Enviiro has moved very carefully to implement all operational guidelines and systems, which meet international standards and which can build trust in the long run. Bhiimtek Enviiro has been able to achieve few very important milestones in our journey so far. A few of them are listed below


Patented Technology

Water Conservation in Industries


Certificate of Recognition

Ministry of Commerce, Gol


Udyam Registered

by Ministry of Commerce, Gol


Global Presence

through office in USA


Founder of the Year Award

by Vyapar Jagat, Gujarat


PMO Invite for Waste

to Wealth Mission

Team at Bhiimtek Enviiro

Bhiimtek Enviiro’s strength lies in its multifaceted team of professional consultants holding credentials of being highly specialized and experienced in the industry/sectors they serve. Bhiimtek Enviiro’s  team culture is equipped with innovation and techniques to maintain reliable quality assurance. Being a leading green technological solution providing  firm, Bhiimtek Enviiro  understands its responsibility to change its mechanism from time to time so as to keep pace with the changing industrial scenario and environmental demands. 


Managing Director

A Mechanical Engineer, having wide exposure to the manufacturing industries for more than three decades & a passion for Green Technology. He is a Self-motivated person with a proven track record in the conservation of Water & Energy in large industries.



An Automation Engineer, having more than 4 decades of experience in Electrical & Automation in the Power, Iron &Steel, Pulp & Paper industries. He has expertise in TPM training & implementation



A Water Treatment Expert, who has devoted 3 decades of his career to providing water treatment solutions to various manufacturing industries. He is a Self-motivated person having vast experience in the marketing of Water Treatment Technology.


Chartered Accountant

A rank‐holder Chartered Accountants of 1995 Batch, Anil has been an ex‐banker and associated as Board Member for many prestigious and mega projects viz. Mangalore SEZ (ONGC)… 



A Mechanical Engineering Graduate of 1971 batch from VJIT, Mumbai & PGDM in Marketing Management from JBIMI, Mumbai. He  carries a rich experience of serving various organizations in top positions.



Yogesh is a young generation entrepreneur and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engg. He is perusing a Master’s degree from BITS Pilani. He has worked with various corporate.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Green Technology mean?
    A technology that helps to mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment is termed as Green Technology. It is also known as Sustainable Technology. Green Technology is an umbrella term that describes the use of technology & science to innovate or create environmentally friendly products to enhance energy efficiency, machine efficiency, water conservation, recycling & reuse of resources, renewable sources of energy, health & safety concerns and so on.
  • Which does a green product mean?
    Green products are basically, environmentally friendly. It helps to mitigate greenhouse gases & hence is known as green products. It does not mean Green products would look green.
  • What is the Power of Positive Green Thinking?
    Power of Positive Green Thinking is an approach of Going Green, which interests everybody.- For an inventor, Positive Green Thinking generates good business opportunities for green inventions and green technologies. This has fast-growing markets across the globe with scaling properties & profitable business prospects. For consumers, buying green inventions/ products helps to reduce energy bills and are often safer and healthier than non-green products. Any small changes towards Green Technology can have a large-term impact on the whole society. For instance, drinking lots of water is a healthy practice but changing out reusable water bottles for disposable ones is health-promoting, ...
  • Sustainable Development, what does it mean?
    Sustainable development is an approach to the economic development of a country without compromising the quality of the environment for future generations. The existing practice of economic development is generally associated with environmental damages. The price of environmental damage is paid by way of land degradation, soil erosion, air and water pollution, deforestation, etc Sustainable development means the development of the society to meet the human developmental goals without compromising on the need to balance the ecosystem and the environment. It needs to ensure that the recourses are so utilized that they are sufficiently available for the upcoming generations as well.
  • What is meant by Water Positive Industry?
    Water Positive Industry is an industry that optimizes it water requirement through the concept of Reduce, Recycle, Reuse & Capturing extra stream of water within plant premises. Zero discharge of water from its factory premises is one of the objectives of a Water Positive Industry.
  • What is an Integrated Water System?
    An industry, which has many facilities with a single premise, has generally multiple water treatment facilities to supply treated water to its various sections. For optimum utilization of water, the water system of the plant is integrated in such a manner that water may be transferred from one unit to the other. This arrangement is known as an integrated water system. While integrating a water system, it is ensured that there is no compromise on water quality parameters at any consumption point.
  • What is the objective of Integrated Water System?
    The objective of the integrated water system is to ensure that industry becomes Water Positive Industry.
  • How Oxygen is produced?
    Commercial production of Oxygen takes place through the separation of Oxygen from atmospheric air. That’s why Oxygen plants are also known as Air Separation Plant.
  • What is Cryogenic Air Separation Plant?
    Cryogenic is the process that deals with temperatures below minus 160 degrees centigrade. In Cryogenic Air Separation Plant, air separation takes place at a cryogenic temperature. Air gets liquefied at cryogenic temperature. Oxygen & Nitrogen get separated once the air gets liquefied & the product obtained from the cryogenic plant could be either in the liquid or gaseous phase, depending on the design of the plant.
  • What is PSA Nitrogen Plant?
    PSA Nitrogen Plant is quite similar to PSA Oxygen Plant except that in this case, adsorption bed allows Nitrogen gas to escape the bed, while it captures Oxygen & Other gases.
  • How Medical Oxygen is produced?
    Medical Oxygen is produced in Cryogen & PSA Oxygen Plant. For Medical Oxygen, the gaseous purity requirement is a minimum of 90%, whereas for industrial Oxygen gas it’s 99%. However, in Medical Oxygen production, it has to be ensured that there is no other contamination in the gas, such as oil traces, Carbon monoxide & other impurities. While filling Medical Oxygen in cylinders, extra care is taken to purge the cylinder before filling.
  • What is Cryogenic Liquid Storage facility?
    Cryogenic Liquid Storage is meant for the storage of Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, or Liquid Argon either at the Plant location or customer’s end. The customer generally uses these liquid gases by evaporation of liquid in the gaseous state through atmospheric vaporizer & use gas at consumption points through pipeline supply.
  • What’s BIO-CNG?
    Bio-CNG is purified biogas with higher methane content, which can be directly utilized as vehicle fuel and power generation. The Calorific Value of Bio-CNG is around 8500 Cal/M3
  • What is the raw material used for production of Bio-Gas?
    Raw materials for Bio-Gas are waste products of Animal Husbandry, Industries, Agriculture & Municipalities. The most common raw material is Cattle Dung (Gobar).
  • What is BIOGAS – URGA Strategy?
    The biogas plants can be coupled with a Bio-fuel based Power Generator to produce Electric Power. This is termed as Biogas – Urga Strategy. Biogas Urga Generator of capacity 10 KW, 24 KW, 40 KW & 100 KW available. Bio-Gas Urga Generator best suited for Rural areas
  • How to enhance Power Plant Efficiency?
    The majority of Power Plants in India are Thermal Power Plant. The Power plant is the backbone of industrial development. Even the growth of any nation is viewed in terms of Power Generation. As such power plants are generally well designed & follow standards in its operation. However, there is always the scope of improvement in any system. Thermal Power plant being highly water-intensive industry has some scope of improvement in the water system. In boilers, coal efficiency enhancement could be another area. The use of bio-mass or palm waste fired-boilers could be explored. Even remote monitoring & predictive diagnostics ...
  •  What is Remote Monitoring & Predictive Diagnostics?
    Remote monitoring service and its predictive diagnosis functions to deal with faults before they occur. Reduce workload through the mechanization of routine daily inspections. This also helps reduce maintenance costs by shifting from breakdown maintenance to predictive maintenance. It is a real-time remote instrument monitoring service that helps to maximize system uptime and improve productivity
  • What is TPM ?
    TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is a holistic approach to equipment maintenance that strives to achieve perfect production with focussed effort to have no breakdowns, no small stoppages or slow running of equipment & no defects in the product output.
  • What are the benefits of TPM? 
    The obvious benefits of TPM are less unplanned maintenance, reduced equipment downtime, lower manufacturing costs & Strengthened workplace safety. This is achieved through the involvement of operating staff in maintenance activities in a well-designed planned manner. As such intangible benefit is the harmonious relationship among the team members.
  • What’s the difference between Green Tech and environmental technology?
    Green-tech is also known as Clean Technology (Cleantech) or Environmental technology. They are the same with the objective to facilitate products or services that help to improve operational performance while reducing costs, energy consumption, waste or negative effects on the environment.
  • How does Green technology counteract the effects of climate change and pollution?
    We have a limited amount of natural resources across the globe. As these resources are depleting, it has adverse impacts on climate. Global Warming is one of such an adverse impact commonly talked about. The water resource is depleting very fast & hence water crisis has become a global concern. Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution are also serious concerns having an adverse impact on climate change. Green technology counteracts these through conservation of resources, reduced emission of greenhouse gases, uses of renewable energy resources & so on. Soil remediation methods and carbon sequestration technology are also such countering techniques. ...
  • Carbon Credit, what is meant by it?
    Carbon credits are a component of national and international attempts to mitigate the growth in concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs). In generic terms, a carbon credit is a tradable certificate or permit representing the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide or the equivalent amount of a different greenhouse gas (tCO2e). One carbon credit is equal to one tonne of carbon dioxide, or equivalent gases. Greenhouse gas emissions are capped and then markets are used to allocate the emissions among the group of regulated sources. Since GHG mitigation projects generate credits, this approach can be used to finance carbon reduction ...
  • What is the difference between sustainable development & sustainability?
    Sustainability is termed as a long-term goal to have a more sustainable world, while sustainable development is the pathway to achieve a sustainable world, which includes sustainable agriculture & forestry, sustainable production & consumption, research & development, education & training, etc..
  • Why Water Conservation is important?
    With ongoing industrial development, water requirement is increasing by almost 42% every year ( as per World Bank report). As such water resources are depleting very fast. For sustainable development, optimal use of water is the need of the hour. Hence water conservation is important & a global concern.
  • What are the specific advantages of Integrated Water System?
    In addition to conservation of water, specific advantages of the Integrated Water system are reduction in wastewater generation, reduction of water treatment chemical requirement, reduction in power consumption on account of the handling of the reduced quantity of water. Reduction in manpower requirement is also achieved through an integrated water system.
  • Is there any financial benefit of Integrated Water System?
    An integrated water system helps the industry to bring down the cost of operation of the plant. In other words, it helps the industry to enhance its profitability.
  • What is Air Separation Plant?
    As the name suggests, Air Separation plants are meant to separate different constituents of air. When only Oxygen is produced from the plant, it is known as Oxygen Plant, but if other constituents of air are also produced from the plant, the plant is known as the Air Separation Plant. Other products of Air Separation Plant could be Nitrogen, Argon, and Helium etc. Oxygen & Nitrogen are generally produced from the Air Separation plant. With large size plants, Argon is also produced.
  • What is PSA Oxygen Plant?
    PSA stands for Pressure Swing Adsorption. PSA Oxygen Plant produces Oxygen from atmospheric air through adsorption of Nitrogen Gas & other gases from the air streams in adsorption vessels. Oxygen gas is let off by the adsorption bed & is collected as product gas. To have the continuous operation of the plant, it has two adsorption beds, which operate alternatively. While one adsorption bed is in operation, another bed is under regeneration. Due to the swing operation of the adsorption bed, the plant is known as Pressure Swing Adsorption Plant.
  • What’s difference between Cryogenic & PSA Oxygen Plant?
    Cryogenic Oxygen plant is 2 to 3 times expensive than PSA plant. But the advantage of the Cryogenic plant is that the quality of the product is much better than that of PSA. Moreover in the cryogenic plant, we can have multiple products from the same plant (Oxygen & Nitrogen, in both liquid & gaseous phase), but in the PSA plant we can have a single product, either Oxygen or Nitrogen gas.
  • Is PSA plant suitable for Medical Oxygen production?
    Yes, the PSA plant is the most suitable plant for Medical Oxygen supply, especially for the supply of Oxygen through the pipeline. This eliminates cylinder handling operation as the plant could be installed in the hospital itself. The return on investment for the PSA Medical Oxygen plant is even less than 2 years. Small sizes PSA plants are easily available, suitable for Hospital requirements.
  • What’s BIO- GAS?
    Bio-Gas is a mixture of gases such as Methane, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, Hydrogen Sulfide, Oxygen & Carbon Monoxide. It’s commonly known as Gobar Gas, Sewage Gas, Klar Gas or Sludge Gas. It is used as Cooking Gas, Gaseous fuel for vehicle and power generation.
  • What are the advantages of Bio-Gas Production?
    Bio-Gas production is a simple technology for the conversion of agricultural, industrial and municipal wastes into Bio-fuel. The residue of Bio-gas production is utilized as fertilizer, which is better than chemical fertilizers. Bio-gas production facility is most suited for domestic application. Bio-gas is further purified & the Purified Bio-Gas is known as Bio-CNG, which is used as fuel for Vehicles & power generators. Bio-CNG is Clean & Green Energy
  • What are the limitations of Bio-Fuel?
    Bio-Fuels can’t be liquefied & hence transportation is expensive. Since the large-scale waste collection is a big challenge, production of Bio-Fuel on large scale is difficult. Even after purification, it’s difficult to realize high Calorific Value of Bio-Fuel.
  • What’s the current strategy of the nation for Bio-Gas?
    The Current strategy of the nation is to emphasize on reduction of Green House Gases, as such a special focus is on Bio-gas production to replace Petrol /Diesel Bio-CNG to some extent. Attention is being given to the set-up Bio-CNG plant near Petrol/ Diesel pumps. This will result in waste utilization & green energy production.
  • What is Biomass Boiler? 
    A biomass boiler is a wood burning stove, which can be fitted with a back boiler that uses the heat produced when the wood is combusted to pre- heat water. A bi-drum type steam boiler configuration ensures reliability and flexibility for varied operating pressures and ease of maintenance.
  • How Remote Monitoring & Predictive Diagnostics help industries?
    Industries depend on their equipment to achieve production and dispatches on time. As such, it is extremely important to be aware of when a critical piece of machinery may not run as scheduled. Studies on the process industry’s performance suggest that machine uptime as a percent of scheduled uptime is approximately 67 percent at process plants. Predictive diagnostics help to reduce downtime of equipment, thereby enhancing production.
  • What is TPM good for?
    TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is a maintenance philosophy that is designed to integrate equipment maintenance into the manufacturing process. The goal of any TPM program is to eliminate losses tied to equipment maintenance or else, to maintain equipment producing an only a good product, as fast as possible with no unplanned downtime.
  • What are the pillars of TPM? 
    There are eight pillars of TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance) known as 5 “S” (Sort, straighten, shine, standardize, & sustain), Autonomous Maintenance, Continuous Improvement, Planned Maintenance, Quality Maintenance, Training, Office TPM & SHE (Safety, health, and environment).


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What People say about us...

What People say about us...

I have known Mr. Aditya Kumar for 25 years, not just as a professional colleague but also as a man of great integrity with a matching appetite to serve humanity. I have also followed his active role in the field of green technological research. His experience and knowledge in Water Conservation Technologies for over three decades have led to the establishment of a company that introduces cost-effective green technology for water conservation. As the Managing Director of the company, Aditya introduced a novel method of “Integrated System & Method for Conservation of Water”. Wastewater from factories being a major source of water pollution, affects the health of living beings across the globe. I appreciate Mr. Kumar’s clear objective of “Zero Discharge of Water from factories” as an effort to curb this menace.
Munjal Mehta,
Managing Director, Shell-N-Tube Pvt Ltd, Pune
Member – CII National Committee on Space

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